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We founded Xdevel in 2001 driven by a strong passion for radio automation and streaming. We have provided automation software and streaming services to many broadcaster, together with multi-platform player, dedicated apps and many other solutions to make radio broadcast simple and affordable. Xdevel is now one of the leading software technology providers to create radio stations in Italy.

In these years we have created several products:

Xautomation is our automatic software royal suite that includes tools for automatic selection of music, live assist, advertising planning, reporting and social integration;

StreamSolution is our streaming dedicated platform, originally developed for Windows Media and today based on SHOUTcast / Icecast and Wowza Media;

EarOne is our service of real-time music charts, partner of the Italian music industry, whose products and services are used not only by radio stations but also anyone involved in the music industry, including labels, publishers, media and artist managements.

Mediasender is our customized service for planning and sending digital postcards with music, video, images and documents for record labels, promoters and industry professionals.

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